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Pico Shanghai is the latest addition to the Pico family and this 800 square meter facility is set to open in the fall of 2019. Set on the Bund and facing the beautifully modern Shanghai skyline, the Pico clinic is set to be the first of its kind in Asia.

As leading experts in aesthetic procedures around the world, Pico is excited to be launching this centre of excellence in this new region. The clinic will provide Pico’s famous patient centred, non-invasive, aesthetic treatments and will offer treatment from specialist international medical practitioners.

In order for this clinic to offer the same level of service that our European clinics offer, a number of our European doctors will be joining the staff. These doctors will be fully qualified and experienced, able to offer a diverse and encompassing range of various treatments.

However, each of these doctors will be trained to offer expertise within this new market and will specialise in Asian beauty treatments. However, whilst we are new to the Asian region, we are not new to the treatments and offer similar procedures in existing clinics.

We offer the best treatments for those looking for fillers, botulinum, PRP and other advanced aesthetic treatments.

As a customer focussed clinic, we understand that Asian skin and physiology is different from that of its European counterpart. Our very ethos is to embrace the unique aspects of your personality and appearance, and it is something that is crucial to us.

Our business ensures that standards are kept high and we only use the top range of drugs and equipment in our procedures. We also maintain the highest level of ethical standards.

We are also partners of CoolSculpting.