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Prostrolane® for facial lipolysis

As we age, and thanks to other aspects of life, some areas of our face can hold excess fat, with the chin, cheeks and undereye being particular problem areas. Following a chat with your doctor, your target areas can be specifically identified.

One of the most renowned beauty procedures, facial lipolysis is an effective way to melt localised fat and in doing so, reshape and slimdown the face. In this procedure, the patented Inner-B non-toxic gel formula by Prostrolane® is injected into the target area and helps the skin go look firm, smooth and more youthful.

This treatment is ideal for people who are wanting to help to redesign their facial shape with very few risks and without any surgical procedure.

Coolsculpting® for Double-Chin

CoolSculpting® is the only FDA-approved cryolipolysis treatment available in the market. Its unique technology allows for a noninvasive, nonsurgical medical procedure that permanently kills extra fat cells from beneath the skin. As a noninvasive treatment, it has several benefits over traditional surgical fat removal procedures.

It is particularly effective in reducing the double chin effects. CoolSculpting® developed a specific applicator (Mini) to deliver the treatment to the chin area, reducing the fat deposits by up to 40% over 2-3 months, after one application. At Pico, only GMC doctors can administer CoolSculpting® treatments.

Non-surgical jaw reduction (Masseter)

A wide jaw is not a desirable look for many ladies and men, as it creates a square-shaped lower face. The leading cause of such over-masculine appearance is often the masseter muscle.

Our experienced doctors specialise in facial injections into the corner of this muscle, with the goal to temporarily weaken it and reduce its size. You should not expect any discomfort or pain after the application.

This procedure also naturally helps to highlight the cheeks, thanks to the smaller size of the lower face. Finally, masseter botulinum injections also reduce the effects of teeth grinding disorders.

Celluform Plus®

Celluform Plus® injection lipolysis is a modern slimming and modeling formulas that allow for gradual, safe and effective reduction of face fat. The preparations contain active compounds that fight local fat deposits.

Celluform Plus® allows to model and slim the chin area, lower parts of the face and neck. The preparation used in this treatment contains deoxycholic acid that contributes to the breakdown of fat cells, as well as mountain arnica extract. The extract of this plant has soothing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and also supports healing processes.

The effects in the form of slimming and firming the figure are noticeable after 4-8 weeks. In order to obtain the best effect, it is recommended to perform a series of treatments. Usually 4-6 treatments performed every 6 weeks are enough.

Calf & Shoulder slimming injections

Calves and shoulders are areas that can easily appear disproportionately large vis-a-vis the rest of the figure, due to physical activity or just natural shape. This can throw off the balance of proportion essential in beauty.

The ideal candidates for calf reduction procedures include overall healthy individuals who desire more symmetrical or slimmer calves, who are not happy with the contours of their lower legs, especially those with congenitally bulky or tubular legs, or those suffering from severe calf hypertrophy.

In two visits over one month, these off-label procedures will help you redefine these muscle areas by injecting a medical solution. Once completed, it temporary reduces the size of the muscle in question, without effects on the posture or any walking pain.

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