Terms and

Terms and

Terms & Conditions


Appointments can be booked by online, phone, email or in person. Appointments may be scheduled at shorter notice, but we recommend you schedule your appointments at least one week in advance to ensure availability of your preferred date and time.

As our doctors follow a continuous training programme, we cannot guarantee continued treatment with a specific practitioner at all times.


We ask 24 hours’ notice should you wish to reschedule your appointment. We always try to accommodate all requests, but we reserve the right to deny rescheduling to clients that have changed their booking more than 3 times over the past twelve months.

Online bookings, deposit and refund policy

We require a £50 deposit for online bookings which will count as a consultation fee. This deposit is redeemable against any treatment you decide to have. If you do not have any treatments, it will count as a consultation fee. Cancellations can be made online, by phone, email or in person. We will refund the full deposit for cancellations earlier than 24 hours before the scheduled appointments. We will retain the deposit in case of no show or for cancellations later than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.


For bookings made online, please refer to the ‘online bookings, deposit and refund policy’.

For bookings made by phone, email or in person, we ask 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. Should you fail to attend your booked appointment, or cancel with a shorter notice than required, we reserve the right to charge a booking deposit for future treatments.

Late arrival

Whilst we try our best to accommodate late arrivals, this may result in reduced treatment time or forfeiting of the appointment altogether. We recommend arriving five minutes before the agreed time.

Appointment preparation

Please refrain from consuming alcohol for at least 12 hours before attending your appointment. We will inform you of any specific preparation required in advance of your treatment at the time of booking. Please follow our guidance, as otherwise this may result in cancellation, reduced treatment time or extra charges.


Our customer service assistant or the medical practitioner will advise on the full costs of any treatment plan proposed and agreed, including that of any maintenance treatment, before any treatment is undertaken. Payment is taken, in full at the time of treatment. The clinic accepts cash, or major debit and credit cards and bank transfers.

Late payments: invoices that remain outstanding for longer than two weeks will be passed on to our international debt collector service partners and/or our legal advisors. Any legal costs and/or cost of the debt collection will be added to the invoice and charged to the customer.

Treatment packages

All treatments purchased as packages must be paid for in full by the day of the first treatment. Should you wish to change the treatment package after the purchase, we will try to accommodate your request. However, please note that treatment exchanges are discretionary.

Should you be unable to complete a treatment package already purchased and paid for, we will offer you a refund. This will be calculated as the total package price less any treatments either executed or cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Cooling-off period

Products and services that have been ordered can be cancelled at no penalty within the 14-day cooling-off period following the date of the order. To cancel your order please write to orders@picoclinics.com. Products: must be returned to Pico London unopened, undamaged and at your own cost;. Services: you can waive your cancellation rights by signing a form for a service to begin within the 14 day window.

Treatment suitability and refusal

Pico London’s doctors will always assess whether your desired treatment is suitable and likely to be successful for you, before carrying it out. The doctors will explain in detail the procedure, the expected effects, the risks and potential alternatives to the treatment. Our doctors reserve the right to refuse performing the treatment, should they believe it is not in the best interest of the patient from a clinical perspective.


Pico London does not treat children or young adults under the age of 18.

We kindly ask to not bring children to the clinic unless they are old enough to be left unsupervised. Children will not be allowed to accompany you into the treatment rooms.


Pico London will not be liable in any forms for any economic loss (including but not limited to loss of profit), or for any other special, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, its provision of any goods and/or services to the client.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide Pico London with all medical details relevant to her/his clinical history and to answer faithfully to clinical questions from Pico’s doctors, prior to each treatment. Pico refuses any liability for damages that may occur as a result of the client’s failure to disclose such details.

The client agrees to comply with all instructions and/or recommendations given to them by, or on behalf of, Pico London regarding the care of a treated area before and after the treatment. Nothing in these terms of business shall exclude or limit Pico London’s liability for death or any personal injury resulting from Pico London’s own negligence.

Your right to complain

Pico London aims at treating all its clients with the utmost respect, fairness and compassion. Nevertheless, if you have any issues in relation to your treatment at Pico London, it is your right to lodge a complaint, either verbally, by telephone or in writing. We recommend sending us an email at complaints@picoclinics.com.

All complaints will reach Pico London’s registered manager, who will investigate the issue thoroughly and communicate with you any updates in a timely manner. For further details about our complaint policy, or should you require any assistance with making your complaint, please do not hesitate to let Pico London know, as we will be pleased to help.